This project started as a part of the SICSA Smart Tourism Initiative funded by the SFC which brought together Universities from across SICSA, tourism organisations, and industry to address some of the key challenges in the sector. The question we address are: how can layered accessible interpretation be delivered on unstaffed sites, particularly those with no utilities, broadband or 3G access? and how can data about visits to unstaffed sites be recorded and feedback from these visits be gathered? The result was Qraqrbox which a visitor to a tourist site to freely view the same rich information at the site and at home despite not having any Internet connection at the remote site. Contextual information is delivered using a specialised low-power server that requires no external power supply, instead relying on renewables (primarily solar) for use in isolated areas where there is no mains power or 3G services. This stand-alone server can also be configured to provide a captured local Internet for locations such as museums where power is not a problem but a self-contained service is required.

Alan Dearle
Professor of Computer Science

My research interests include similarity search, data linkage, operating systems, databases and programming languages.